"REGINTA" park is being made from trucks and contrailers, which are adequating EURO 3 and EURO 4 standards and also they are always upgrading to warrant permanent routes in Europe and Baltic states. "REGINTA" is offering very wide choise for cargos in Earth transport:
  • standard cargos (max. 24t.) traffic;
  • large size cargos (max. 91 m3) cargos traffic;
  • not standard cargos (max. 26t.) traffic.
Insurance. Civil responsibility of the Forwarder is insured at a reliable foreign company according to the terms of CMR Convention. For other cargos please contact with us.


Customers and workers satisfaction is our most important thing.


Flexible adaptation to customer. We try as fast as we can to deliver loads.


Everytime we communicate with our drivers to plan following loads and to inform our customers when load will reach destination.

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